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Vintage Coleman Cooler

This is a vintage coleman cooler with a water jug and key ring. We have local pick up only and it's in great condition. Don't miss out on this great deal!

16 Quart White W/ Green Lid #5274 Made In Usa 1980
Coleman Steel Belted 54 Qt Vintage Ice Chest/Cooler for Camping Green
5274 Usa Made 1980 Green Lid Lunch Box

Coleman Vintage Cooler

Coleman vintage cooler this cooler is a recent addition to our coleman vintage line of coolers. It is made of solid brass and features a number of coleman’s historic features: a cool temperature range, a well-made interior, and a number of features that make it a great tool for the home brewer. the cooler has a large capacity of ability from what is available on the market today, which is why it's perfect for people who want to make a lot of coffee. The metal construction means that this cooler is going to last and it's also easy to clean. All of this makes it a great choice for the coffee lover in your life.

Old Coleman Cooler

This old coleman cooler is a 2022 model with a diamondlogo aluminum aqua and snow lite 22 design. It is made from 15. 5 inch long, 13. 5 inch width container and has a compressive strength of 15. 5 pounds per square inch. The cooler is empty with about 2. 5 pounds of liquid water. It is available in the style snow lite and is known for its great performance and durability. this metal coleman cooler is a vintage brown and there are handles on it which make it easier to carry and store ice. The cooler also has ice chest handles so you can easily carry it to the ice cream shop or the party next door. this vintage coleman cooler history book tells the story of the company and its products. This book includes photos and illustrations from coleman coolers themselves and fromals, the company's internal manufacturer. Coleman coolers are a iconic part of vintage culture and this book is designed to help people learn about them and use them like an historical relic. this vintage coleman coolers is a great addition to your coleman ice chest. The metal cooler is in great condition and has very few issues. The working latch has some wear and is still functioning properly. This cooler would be a great addition to your coleman ice chest.