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Vector Travel Cooler Vec 223

The Vector Travel cooler is a first-class addition to home store, this cooler comes with a power on board Travel console, which makes it facile to heat up your Travel items. The cooler warmer can keep your Travel items warm all day long, and it presents an 12 v 2, 8 gallon capacity. It's an unrivaled substitute for someone hunting for a powerful and convenient cooler.

Vector Travel Cooler Vec 223 Amazon

This is a top-of-the-line for auto 12 v dc - applications where you need a warm and inviting interior, the Vector Travel cooler is basic to adopt and is top-grade for small spaces. The cooler can be placed just about anywhere in your home or office, and it works with any 12 vdc power, the warmer console is a top surrogate to make your work area even warm and inviting. This cooler is a top grade surrogate for admirers who grove on to travel, it is 12 vdc compatible and works with rv vehicles as well as camping vacation packages. It is again hands-free storage for campfire cooking, this Vector Travel cooler is for the camping rv vehicle. It is manufactured of heavy-duty materials and it will keep your cool when you're out in the open, the cooler also offers a warmer feature that melts the liquid water droplets to create a more comfortable climate. This is a digital temperature control for your auto 12 v dc car, it is a Vector Travel cooler with an anodized aluminum body and black frame. It grants a black anodized aluminum top and a black frame with an anodized aluminum bottom, the temperature range is from -40 degrees to 50 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature range gets bigger when you set the temperature to 103 degrees fahrenheit, the temperature range is conjointly adjustable from -40 degrees to 50 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature can be turned off by pressing the "off" button, the temperature can be raised or lowered by up to 10 degrees. The temperature can also be judged by using the "kevlar" rating.