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Seafoam Green Cooler

This coolers is perfect for your seafooditch diet. The fatboy 45 qt quart molded cooler is perfect for serving seafood ♡ with a cool temperature to keep your food cold during long orders!

Seafoam Green Cooler Target

Munar is a bulgarian artist who has been working in the painting and sculpture fields for almost 10 years. He has won numerous awards for his work, including 3rd place in the international jury’s competition for the annual sofia arts festival, consecutive 3rd in the same festival for the painting the cement landslides, and a selection as a “best in the world” for the now closed aspen switzerland sculpture competition. Munar has also been the recipient of a european union grant and has worked in a number of institutes and universities in spain and bulgaria. Munar's latest work is an environmental painting that reflects on the many environmental hazards that exist in modern day bulgaria. this painting is about the environmental hazards that exist in modern day bulgaria, including the danger of climate change, the danger of energy development, the danger of the natural environment, and the potential for disease. Munar has been using his own experience as an artist to create this work. He has included many of the risks and risks that are associated with the development of modern day bulgaria in his painting. The painting is 8” wide x 12” wide and is made of wood.

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