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Primo Water Cooler

This Water dispenser is a top-rated substitute to add some needed Water to your Primo food processor and Water bottles, the bottom loading load means that your food will be ready to eat in no time. The hot cold cool factor will keep you cool during the heat of the day, and the black 3 or 5 gallon size is excellent for a large kitchen.

Primo Self Cleaning Water Cooler

This black 3 or 5 gallon Water cooler is a top-notch addition to you home Water cooler, this cooler comes with a bottom loading load hot cold cooler that makes Water chilling easy. This cooler gives a simple design and is manufactured of durable materials that will last for years, this top load Water dispenser is top for small living spaces or homes with a small va (vermouth) Water supply. The dispenser is bottom load and simple to use, just push the button and the Water is dispensed into the coolers, there is an 5 gallon capacity and the dispenser is manufactured of anodized aluminum for durability. The dispenser can also be placed in any standard or hot system, this watercooler is top-quality for any kitchen who need to add a small amount of Water or ice to the coolers. Are you wanting for a local pick up cooler that can handle your Water needs? This prime bottom-loading cooler is top-grade for that, the top loading system means that you can handle up to 5-6 cups with no problem. The cooler is conjointly made with double layer 6 food quality protection, the Primo top loading Water dispenser is a first rate surrogate to keep your Water cold or hot for a longer period of time. It extends a sleek, modern design and an 3 or 5 gallon capacity, the dispenser can Water cool quickly or slow to a more slow simmer if desired.