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Pepsi Cooler

This cooler looks and operates like a postcard to the 1950s. The postcard-style design with metal coloring is amazing. This cooler is also great for keeping drinks cold for a picnic or picnic. The ice box is also a great tool for keeping drinks cold in the summertime.

Old Pepsi Cooler

The old pepsi cooler is back and better than ever before. This cooler keeps the coldness of old pepsi without the coldness of today's pepsi products. Use this cooler to keep your pepsi products cold even when you're not at home.

Pepsi Coolers

This cooler is the perfect solution for cool beverage choice when outside temperature is high or when needs a warm beverage. It is perfect for drinks from -40 degrees celsius to -50 degrees celsius. This is a vintage 1950s pepsi cola quikold cooler soda bottle machine. It is untested and original. It is in excellent condition. It is in the original box and packaging. This cooler was used to cool drinks while they are bottling them. This is a great opportunity to have a highly accurate vintage - moment-discoveryachannel for your business. Iciary can choose to have a retro-themed cooler or even just a cooler with a different name (like "pepsi cooler"). This could be a business' only chance to get hold of this relicnt and as such could fetch a high price-tag. this 4-year vintage new hard plastic 14 tall 8 round pepski cooler is a perfect addition to any business and is an perfect way to keep the heat out and/or keep the food cold. It has a very old-school feel to it, making it the perfect partner for your retro-themed marketing campaign. this vintage pepsi cola cooler is a great way to keep your cool when the weather is hot. It's made of durable plastic and is available in different colors. It is perfect for any fridge or freezer.