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Marvel Wine Cooler

The marvel mlwc215ig01a 15 inch wine cooler is the perfect size for holding wine or beer. It has a 15 inch tall glass window for displaying wine or beer prices or to hold large quantities of wine or beer. The fridge works with or without the power cord foranging large or small quantities of wine or beer. The mlwc215ig01a 15 inch wine cooler is dishwasher and ovensafe for easy cleaning.

Cheap Marvel Wine Cooler

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Marvel Wine Cooler Amazon

This marvel mlwc124sg01a 24 in. Built-in single zone wine cooler comes with an 54 bottle of marvel's popular mlwc series. The cooler's front and backlit screen make it easy to find your wine, and its slimmed down design makes it easy to store. The marvel mlwc124sg01a is perfect for wine lovers who want the best wine in the house. the marvel 15-in professional single zone wine refrigerator cooler is an excellent way to cool wineapsed wine depending on the temperature change. It has two zone coolers that can support up to 15 bottles per zone. The unit also includes a built-in freezer to keep ingredients cold for up to two weeks. this marvel wine cooler is a great addition to your wine production. It is also great for storing your wine in the future when you're need one for your cellar. The 24 inch inlet/outlet system makes it easy to get to your wine while the 7 wine racks make it easy to find what you're looking for. Plus, the cool to the touch feature will make your wine toast easily. this marvel wine cooler is perfect for those who love to drink. It has two zones for cooler andaffe and a 24-inch window that makes it easy to see what you're drinking. The dual zone panel is ready for quick and easy drinkage.