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Magellan Cooler

The magellan cooler is a high-quality backpack cooler that is designed to keep your cold items cold for longer periods of time. This cooler is made with a welded design and is made to be a durable and reliable product. The magellan cooler is available in gray and is sure to keep your cold items cool and comfortable.

Magellan Coolers

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Magellan Outdoors Cooler

The magellan outdoors pro leakproof 40-can rolling cooler is perfect for keeping your food and drink cold all day long. This cooler has a leak proofing system that will protect your food and drink from negative 10s and 10s of degrees. The magellan outdoors pro leakproof 40-can rolling cooler is a great option for those who want the perfect amount of cold weather comfort. the magellan 30 can cooler is a cool means of temperature control for on-the-go adventurers. It comes with an insulation interval of grey/black, which provides a comfortable temperature range of 20 degrees to -50 degrees fahrenheit. The backpack features a cool design with an insulated look and feel. This magellan camo cooler is the perfect way to keep your carry cooler cold. This cooler comes with a soft shoulder carry bag for comfort and a cold back up. The magellan camo cooler is made of durable materials that will keep your carry cooler warm. This cooler rubber latch handle cover is perfect for your magellan cooler. It is made of durable material that is designed to last, and will keep your cooler collection going. This cover is also easy to take on and off, making it a easy and quick way to add a new cooler to your collection.