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Harley Oil Cooler Adapter

Our harley-davidson oil cooler adapter assembly helps you connect to harley-davidson oil systems without using a oil cooler. This assembly includes a 26154-07a oil adapter and it can be attached to your bike using a dynon hose.

Cheap Harley Oil Cooler Adapter

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Harley Oil Cooler Adapter Amazon

This is a harley-davidson oil cooler adapter assembly that is 26154-07 twin cam filter. It is compatible with the harley-davidson engine and can be used as a support structure to increase engine air flow. The assembly is also compatible with the harley-davidson online customer service. this harley oil cooler adapter is for the 07-16 tc touring models. It is an easy to use and quick way to cool your engine down if you're having trouble with your engine working too hot. Thisadapter is only for and includes a suzuki oil cooler and it is perfect for these models. this is a buell ebr oil cooler adapter that helps to increase the life of your harley davidson oil coolers. This is do-it-all adapter includes everything you need to get started, including: -Harley davidson oil cooler -Jagg hyperflow oil filter - conduit (if using an oil cooler with abobtail) -Washers (if using an oil cooler without abobtail) - torx bits (if using an oil cooler with abobtail) - jigsaw (if using a new oil cooler) - jigsaw (if using a used oil cooler) - jigsaw (if using a new oil cooler with abobtail) - jigsaw (if using a used oil cooler with abobtail) This is a kit for 2022 harley touring engine oil cooler. It includes a mount for the cooler on the engine, and adapters for each of the three types of nipples on the cooler. The kit is also includes a care sheet and instructional booklet.