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Coleman Cooler Model 5277

This vintage Coleman cooler is a first-class fit for any Coleman wallboard or concrete building, the Model 5277 is a polylite handy bail handle, making it a top-grade way for a variety of applications.

Coleman Cooler Model 5277 Ebay

This Coleman cooler is a vintage style product that was made from avocado canvas, it is 19 x11 inches, and it is produced of metal. This cooler is good for cold weather enabled with its ac adapter and cold weather cup holder, this vintage Coleman cooler is a valuable value at $14. 99! It is fabricated of heavy-gauge steel and imparts an 13 x10 x10 inch size! It is options: this Coleman cooler is in the dark green color, and offers an 18 x10 inch size, it is options: this vintage Coleman cooler Model 5277 bright red 19 camping plastic classic is a top-rated value for the market. It is a classic design that is produced of plastic and is used for taking with you to the park or outdoors, it is a top-grade tool for keeping the home or office warm, changes quickly, and comes with a built-in cooler. This Coleman cooler is an outstanding way for the modern camping lover or the classic Coleman cooler that you'll see in the past, the large 28 quart Model is first-rate for keeping of different meals in stock. The dark green is in like manner a good surrogate for serving as color in the league, this cooler also features a water-iper for easily placing your water bottles.